Best bathroom extractor fans 2023: cheap extractor fans under £100

Buying an effective bathroom extractor fan will leave your home feeling fresh. The best bathroom extractor fans we’ve seen for 2023 are affordable, stylish and easy to install even if you’re a DIY newbie. Our product experts have picked out some of the most popular bathroom extractor fans for your home.

We’ve spotted some top picks from kitchen brands including Environvent, Airflow and Knightsbridge. All of the bathroom extractor fans we’ve highlighted in our buyer’s guide are available to buy today, so have a scroll through this page and pick out your favourites.

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Bathroom extractor fans: quick guide

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Bathroom extractor fans: which features are important?

Air extraction rate

When you’re trying to settle on a bathroom extractor fan, make a note of the claimed air extraction rate. Ultimately, the higher this number is the better, as it means the fan will work hard to keep the air in your bathroom feeling fresh. If you’re a part of a larger household that uses the shower regularly, for example, a fan with a high extraction rate is the logical way to go.


Looks aren’t everything, but they’re still pretty important if you’re redesigning your bathroom. Try and pick a bathroom extractor fan that compliments your existing fittings. Some models have built-in LED lights, which is a nice bonus if you need an extra source of light in a dimly-lit room.

Noise level

In some cases, a higher extraction rate means the product itself is noisier when it’s doing it’s job. The trick is to find the sweet spot between extraction rate and noise level. Most manufacturers will tell you how loud the bathroom extractor fan is when it’s in use.

In the process of kitting out your bathroom? In that case, have a look at our other guides on bathroom taps and low pressure shower heads.

How much does a bathroom extractor fan cost?

Although prices can creep beyond the £100 mark, we’ve found that most bathroom extractor fans will cost you less than £50. If you’re buying a fan that has a high extraction rate and extra features such as built-in LEDs, expect to pay a little more than £50.

Where to buy a bathroom extractor fan

Popular online retailers that stock bathroom extractor fans inclue:

The best bathroom extractor fans under £100

Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial (£41)

Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial

Dimensions: 15.8cm x 15.8cm

We’re kicking off our list of the best bathroom extractor fans with this model from Envirovent. It’s one of the most popular fans available through Amazon and a good pick for buyers on a budget. For less than £50, you get a bathroom extractor fan that has a claimed extraction rate of 26 litres per second, or 96 cubic metres per hour.

The Envirovent bathroom extractor fan is described as ‘one of the quietest fans on the market’ and is IP45-rated, which means it’s protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

Click here to buy the Envirovent SIL100T Silent-100T Axial, or shop deals on eBay.

Xpelair C4HTS with Humidistat and Timer (£79.99)

Xpelair C4HTS

Dimensions: 21cm x 14.5cm x 21cm

This bathroom extractor fan is operated using a remote switch or sensor. It has two speeds for you to pick between and features an interchangeable, square fascia. If you’d prefer a circular one, the brand also sells a circular fascia that attaches to the base unit.

The Xpelair fan is marketed as ‘easy to install’, which is good news if you’re don’t consider yourself a DIY expert. The product incudes a hook and clip fan cover, cable access and three screw fixing points. Thanks to the materials used, it’s easy to wipe this bathroom extractor fan clean.

Click here to buy the Xpelair C4HTS with Humidistat and Timer, or shop deals on eBay.

Airflow iCON 30 (£95.89)

Airflow iCON 30

Dimensions: 22.5cm x 14.1cm x 22.5cm

This sleek and stylish bathroom extractor fan is quiet and uses minimal energy. A round design means the product will fit on a bathroom wall or ceiling.

The Airflow bathroom extractor fan features shutters that open and close quietly whilst at the same time preventing backdraughts. Extracting the fan using a bathroom extractor fan is obviously important as it helps you battle against moisture in the air and therefore mould.

Click here to buy the Airflow iCON 30, or shop deals on eBay.

Knightsbridge EX004T LED Extractor Fan (£34.15)

Knightsbridge EX004T LED Extractor Fan

Dimensions: 15.6cm x 15.6cm x 12.1cm

This particularly unique bathroom extractor fan has built-in LEDs to provide an extra source of light. It’s a good pick if you’re looking for a stylish fan to remove damp, odours and airborne pollutants from the bathroom. You can also fit it to a wall or on the ceiling.

The Knightsbridge bathroom extractor fan has a claimed extraction rate of 90m³/hr and a claimed noise level of just 35dB.

Click here to buy the Knightsbridge EX004T LED Extractor Fan, or shop deals on eBay.

Blauberg UK 100 (£62.40)

Dimensions: 13cm x 19cm x 19cm

Here’s another stylish bathroom extractor fan to add to your shortlist. This one arrives in a UV-resistant white finish and has live and neutral wiring connections. The Blauberg UK 100 has a claimed extraction rate of 97m³/hr and is fitted with an anti-backdraft shutter.

Meanwhile, an anti-vibration mount ensures low noise at around 25dB.

Click here to buy the Blauberg UK 100, or shop deals on eBay.

Xpelair VX150T 93227AW (£21.89)

Xpelair VX150T 93227AW

Dimensions: 21cm x 9cm x 21cm

This extraction fan can fit bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. It’s described as easy to install and has a slim profile that means it won’t draw too much attention.

You can pick between the ‘Standard’ version (which is the one we’ve highlighted) or a ‘Timer’ version. The regular fan requires two wiring connections (live and neutral) and activates at the same time you flick the lights on. Meanwhile, the timer model will overrun for a set time even after you turn the bathroom lights off.

Click here to buy the Xpelair VX150T 93227AW, or shop deals on eBay.

Manrose 4-inch Standard Bathroom Extractor Fan (£17.45)

Manrose 4-inch Standard Bathroom Extractor Fan

Dimensions: 7.5cm x 16.3cm x 16.3cm

Last but not least, we have this affordable bathroom extractor fan from Manrose. It can be mounted to a wall or ceiling and has a claimed extraction rate of 85m³/hr. Each unit is built using high-gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability.

Click here to buy the Manrose 4-inch Standard Bathroom Extractor Fan, or shop deals on eBay.

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