Best clothes steamers 2023: cheap crease-busting steamers under £70

Buying a reliable clothes steamer will help you keep your clothes looking their best. The best clothes steamers we’ve seen here at GadgetMouse will warm up in no time, plus they’re a breeze to use right out the box. Our product experts have picked out some of the most popular clothes steamers to pair with your ironing board. Keep scrolling for our top picks.

Our list of the best clothes steamers includes the latest releases from big-name brands including Homeasy, Philips and Swan. To keep costs low, we’re sticking to steamers that cost less than £70. If you’ve got more money to play with, you’ll be treated to premium features such as multiple steaming levels, digital displays and models that have a pull-out clothes hanger.

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Clothes steamers: quick buying guide

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Buying a clothes steamer: which features are important?


When you’re shopping for a clothes steamer, think about its size. If you’re planning on de-wrinkling your clothes while you’re at a hotel, for example, you want something that’ll fit in your suitcase. Many of the clothes steamers we’ve seen are built to be easy-to-pack, plus some of them even boast a foldable design.

Water capacity

The larger the built-in water tank on your clothes steamer, the less often you’ll be walking to the tap to fill it back up again. As you’re shopping, make a mental note of the water capacity when you’re comparing models.

Automatic shut-off

This is an essential safety feature that ensures the product will turn itself off if you forget to do so yourself. Most clothes steamers do have this, but some are lacking.

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How much does a clothes steamer cost?

If you’re shopping for a clothes steamer, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of affordable options.

The majority of clothes steamers will cost you less than £50 and, if you shop around, you can find steamers for as little as £30. For example, one of Amazon’s most popular picks is the Hilife Clothes Steamer, which is squarely aimed at buyers on a budget.

Where to buy a clothes steamer

Clothes steamers are more popular than ever, so if you’re on the high street, you’ll be able to take a look up-close at your options. Of course, if you’re willing to shop online, the amount of steamers is almost overwhelming.

Popular online retailers that sell affordable clothes steamers include:

The best clothes steamers under £70

Homeasy clothes steamer (£28.04)

Homeasy clothes steamer
  • Water capacity: 280ml
  • Available from: Amazon

This clothes steamer is one of the most popular picks on Amazon. Made by online appliance brand Homeasy, it’s a 1500W model that has a claimed water capacity of 280ml. This steamer features an ergonomic nozzle and ‘lighting fast heating technology’, aiming to get your clothes de-wrinkled in no time at all.

According to its makers, you’ll get around 15 minutes of steaming from this model before you need to refill the water cartridge. It uses a 7-hole nozzle and wide steam exit to penetrate steam into the fabric of your clothing. The Homeasy clothes steamer also has a 2.4m power cable.

Click here to buy the Homesy clothes steamer, or shop deals on eBay.

BEAUTURAL clothes steamer (£34.99)

BEAUTURAL clothes steamer
  • Water capacity: 260ml
  • Available from: Amazon

This handheld clothes steamer comes in a gorgeous aqua colour. It’s a 1200W model that features a large, 260ml water tank and steams continuously for around 15 minutes between refills. The seller promises that this clothes steamer will preheat in less than 35 seconds, which means you won’t be waiting around for ages while it warms up.

Thanks to an anti-leak design, this clothes steamer can be used both vertically and horizontally. It’ll work well with a range of fabrics including regular clothing, table cloths and even your living room sofa. Meanwhile, an automatic shut-off will have the device turn itself off after about 8 minutes of inactivity.

Click here to buy the BEAUTURAL clothes steamer, or shop deals on eBay.

Hilife clothes steamer (£20.39)

Hilife clothes steamer
  • Water capacity: 240ml
  • Available from: Amazon

Here’s another popular clothes steamer to consider. Made by Hilife, this model has a 240ml water tank, a built-in automatic reset fuse and a double-layer insulation. The Hilife clothes steamer will automatically shut off when the reservoir runs dry or the unit gets too hot.

A translucent water tank means you can keep an eye on the amount of liquid you have left. This clothes steamer has also been designed using a lightweight and ergonomic design. It’s a breeze to use, whether you’re de-wrinkling shirts from home or using it at a hotel while you’re travelling.

Click here to buy the Hilife clothes steamer, or shop deals on eBay.

Swan SI12020N (£24)

Swan SI12020N
  • Water capacity: 250ml
  • Available from: Amazon

A stylish clothes steamer with a purple exterior and a 250ml water tank. The Swan SI12020N is a handheld clothes steamer with a powerful 1100W continuous steaming action and fast heat-up. It’s dual use, which means it can be used for upright steaming of clothing and flat ironing. It’ll work with fabrics, soft cottons, silk and velvet and features a detachable fabric brush.

This lightweight clothes steamer is worth adding to your shortlist if you want a gadget that can travel around with you. It has a 1.9m power cord and automatically powers off when not in use.

Click here to buy the Swan SI12020N, or shop deals on eBay.

Philips Steam & Go Plus clothes steamer (£64.99)

Philips Steam & Go Plus clothes steamer
  • Water capacity: 70ml
  • Available from: Amazon

This handheld clothes steamer from Philips allows for vertical and horizontal steaming with no ironing board needed. It has a mini, 70ml water tank and is used to instantly refresh and de-wrinkle your favourite clothes while you’re travelling.

The Philips Steam & Go Plus clothes steamer is ready to use within 45 second. It uses flow-heated plate technology for better results and continuous steaming.

Click here to buy the Philips Steam & Go Plus clothes steamer, or shop deals on eBay.

Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 Series (£44.99)

Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 Series
  • Water capacity: 120ml
  • Available from: Amazon

Here’s another clothes steamer from Philips that we think is worth considering. This model has a 120ml water tank and is ready to use in just 30 seconds. It’s designed to be lightweight (handy if you need it while you’re travelling) and boasts a foldable design for simple storage.

The Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 Series has a built-in light that, when lit, shows the product is ready to use. This clothes steamer can be pressed against ‘any clothing with no risk of burning.’

Click here to buy the Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 Series, or shop deals on eBay.

Cadrim clothes steamer (£29.99)

Cadrim clothes steamer
  • Water capacity: 280ml
  • Available from: Amazon

Take a closer look at this clothes steamer if you’re on a tight budget. It has a 280ml water tank and is ready to steam heat in just 20 seconds. The Cadrim clothes steamer will quickly de-wrinkle a range of different clothing pieces, including suits, dresses, shirts, coats, jackets and trousers. It also works for sofas, bedding and curtains.

Click here to buy the Cadrim clothes steamer, or shop deals on eBay.

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