Best expandable hoses 2023: top flexible garden hoses that are easy to store

As a toasty summer edges closer, you might be thinking about garden products to improve your setup at home. An expandable hose is really useful if you need to reach the far edges of your garden, and they’re easy to store away. In our guide, we’ve picked out some of the most popular expandable hoses to help you keep your garden in top condition.

On this page, we’ll highlight some of our best recommendations for expandable hoses, noting the materials used, the build quality and the overall length on offer. Our team has spotted top picks from various garden brands including Flexi Hose, Liwiner and Babadu.

At a glance: our top 6 expandable hoses

If you don’t have the time to read through our full article, we’ve rounded up our favourites in the handy table below.

Product namePriceWhy do we like it?
Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose£36.81One of the most popular expandable hoses you can buy on Amazon. It’s affordable and comes in three different sizes.
Liwiner Expandable Garden Hose£26.86A brilliant expandable hose bundled with a handy 8-spray nozzle. It expands up to three times its original size when the water’s on.
Yofidra Expandable Garden Hose£29.99This cheap expandable hose is worth a look if you have a large garden. It comes in a range of sizes, and you get a storage bag.
Babadu Expandable Garden Hose£24.99Babadu makes one of the most popular expandable hoses on Amazon. It features a flexible, kink-free design to avoid tangles.
Lufeng Upgraded Expandable Hose£48.44A 150ft expandable hose that comes bundled with a wall mount to keep your garden looking tidy all-year round.
Grandma Shark Garden Hose£19.99This expandable hose comes in green or black and can expand up to three times its original size in seconds.
Prices correct as of March 2023

What is an expandable hose?

Due to the materials used, expandable hoses (also known as ‘magic’ hoses) can expand up to three times their original size when your outdoor tap is turned on. After you’re done using the hose and the water trickles out, it’ll automatically reduce down to its original size, meaning you can store it away without fuss.

Expandable hoses are made of durable and flexible materials that can survive any climate. They’re usually comprised of a combination of latex and polyester, reducing the chance of tangling, kinking, and twisting that traditional hoses often struggle with.

Best expandable hoses for 2023

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose (£36.81)

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose
📏Size options15m, 23m, 30m
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Blue/Black, Grey/Black, Green, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Red/Black
🏡Materials used
Latex, brass

This is one of the most popular expandable hoses you can buy on Amazon. Made by Flexi Hose, it comes in three different size configurations: 15m, 23m and 30m. Once you turn your tap on, you can use it to hit the far corners of your lawn. It’s designed to prevent tangling, so you won’t need to deal with kinks.

The Flexi Hose uses solid brass connectors and expands up to three times its original size. It comes bundled with an 8-pattern rotating nozzle, with settings suitable for both watering plants and cleaning your car.

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Liwiner Expandable Garden Hose (£26.86)

📏Size options25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Green
🏡Materials used

This expandable hose set by Liwiner includes everything you need to keep your garden looking its best. In the box (along with the hose itself), you get a mixer tap connector, spray gun, tap adapters and quick-fit connectors. There’s also a hose hanger and storage bag so you don’t need to dump the hose on the patio when it’s not in use.

The bundled brass connector will maintain a strong and durable connection, so you needn’t worry about leaks. Liwiner’s hose is capable of expanding up to three times its original length when water pressure is added. Plus, it’ll shrink back down in minutes when you’re finished working in the garden. The bundled nozzle has multiple modes: Full, Flat, Shower, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Mist and Centre.

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Yofidra Expandable Garden Hose (£29.99)

Yofidra Expandable Garden Hose
📏Size options15m, 22.5m, 30m
🌈Colour optionsRed/Black
🏡Materials used
Latex, metal, brass

The Yofidra Expandable Garden Hose is a great solution if you want an easy-to-use hose that doesn’t take up loads of space. It’s made with a solid brass connector, high-density weave and three-layer latex, which work together to eliminate the chance of a leak.

This expandable hose comes with a 10-pattern spray gun, making it well-suited for watering the garden, cleaning pets or dealing with a mucky car. It can stretch up to three times its original size when water pressure is detected. You also get a little storage bag and an outdoor hose hanger. To prolong the life of this expandable hose, the brand suggests draining all of the water before storing it away.

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Babadu Expandable Garden Hose (£24.99)

Babadu Expandable Garden Hose
📏Size options50ft, 100ft
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Blue, Green
🏡Materials used
Nylon, latex

Babadu’s affordable garden hose is made from strong materials, so it should cope well with tricky weather conditions. It will expand seconds after you introduce water pressure, and a lightweight design means you’ll have no trouble carrying this particular model around the garden. The Babadu Expandable Garden Hose comes with a 7-function spray gun with various settings: Shower, Flat, Centre, Cone, Full, Mist and Jet.

Alongside plant care, this expandable hose is perfect for washing cars and cleaning windows. The head of the gun has textured grips for comfort and a low-resistance front trigger. You also get a storage bag.

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Lufeng Upgraded Expandable Hose (£48.44)

Lufeng Upgraded Expandable Hose
📏Size options50ft, 75ft, 150ft
🌈Colour optionsBlack
🏡Materials used
Latex, polyester, metal, brass

The Lufeng Expandable Hose is a great investment for any keen gardener. It’s made from a premium polyester and uses sturdy metal connectors, greatly reducing the chance of you spotting a leak. The hose boasts 9-in-1 functionality (modes include Shower, Cone and Jet), with two pipe connectors attached to the faucet and the garden hose, plus two brass fittings that connect with 1/2″ and 3/4″ taps.

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Grandma Shark Garden Hose (£19.99)

Grandma Shark Garden Hose
📏Size options15m, 20m, 22m, 30m
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Green
🏡Materials used
Polyester, latex

The Grandma Garden Hose has a polyester fabric that helps protect the device from wear and tear when it rubs against the ground. It’s both expandable and flexible, growing up to three times its original size in a matter of seconds while remaining kink-free. The hose comes with a 7-function spray nozzle with various settings, including Center, Mist and Cone.

Click here to buy the Grandma Shark Garden Hose, or shop deals on eBay.

How much should I spend on an expandable hose?

In general terms, expandable hoses aren’t that expensive. From what we’ve seen online, prices typically range from £15 to £30, which should get you a hose made from durable materials. Most of the affordable expandable hoses will also come bundled with nozzle attachments and storage bags.

When shopping for the perfect expandable hose for you, consider how long it needs to be to fully cover your garden.

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