Best garden sprinklers under £30 for 2022: gardening on a budget

With a reliable garden sprinkler at your disposable, you can ensure your lawn stays healthy through the hotter months without having to walk up and down the garden with a watering can. The best garden sprinklers we’ve seen have multiple spray modes for you to choose from, plus they’re easy to set up.

Our guide to the best garden sprinklers covers popular big-name brands including Cakuni, Grüntek and Hozelock. They’re well-suited to lawns big and small – in fact, one of the popular models we’ve picked out can cover lawns up to 452m².

Keep scrolling for a closer look at the best garden sprinklers for summer 2022. All of our top picks cost less than £30, so you don’t need to worry about making any majorly expensive investments.

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Garden sprinklers: quick buying guide

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Buying a garden sprinkler: which features are important?

Lawn coverage

When you’re deciding which garden sprinkler is right for your garden, always consider the brand’s claimed lawn coverage stats. For larger lawns, you’ll need a garden sprinkler that has a widespread spray – that way, you don’t need to keep turning it off and moving it to a different spot. For each of the models we’ve picked out below, we’ve made a note of the claimed coverage for you.

Spray modes

The best garden sprinklers we’ve seen have multiple spray modes. This is a handy addition if you have different types of space to deal with. For example, you might want a harder spray on patches of grass and lighter spray on spots where you’re trying to grow out seeds.

Non-slip base

An essential part of any garden sprinkler. Make sure you’re buying a garden sprinkler with a non-slip base so your watering routine is nice and accurate.

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How much does a garden sprinkler cost?

Our own pricing research shows that the vast majority of garden sprinklers are available for less than £30. Pricier models tend to have a range of spray modes and cover a wider section of lawn.

Where to buy a garden sprinkler

Garden sprinklers are massively popular leading into the summer months (no surprises there). If you’re on the high street and walk into your local garden retailer, you’ll be able to take a look up-close at your options. But if you’re willing to shop online, you can easily grab a bargain.

Popular online retailers that sell cheap garden sprinklers include:

The best garden sprinklers under £30

Hozelock 2972P0000 Rectangular Sprinkler (£15.33)

Hozelock 2972P0000 Rectangular Sprinkler
  • Claimed lawn coverage: 180m²
  • Number of jets: 15

This affordable garden sprinkler will shoot 15 individual jets of water across your lawn, helping you keep on top of the watering task come the summer months. Once you connect the product up to your garden hose, the sprinkler will automatically start rotating as water pumps through it. It has a sled base to stop it from moving around on the grass while it’s in motion.

If you want to water your garden without using a watering can, the Hozelock 2972P0000 is a great option. As a bonus, it’s delightfully cheap as well.

Click here to buy the Hozelock 2972P0000 Rectangular Sprinkler.

Cakuni Garden Sprinkler (£9.99)

Cakuni Garden Sprinkler
  • Lawn coverage: Around 8m diameter, according to a customer review
  • Number of jets: 20

Here’s another garden sprinkler to consider if you want to maintain your lawn in the hotter months of the year. The cheap Cakuni Garden Sprinkler comes in at around £15 and has five arms attached to its base. As you turn your hose on, the Cakuni will rotate 360-degrees to ensure your whole lawn gets a good splattering of water.

The Cakuni Garden Sprinkler is fully adjustable, which means you can tweak the exact angle of each of its arms. This is a handy bonus if you want to make sure your watering time covers a specific area of the garden. The makers also promise that the product is heavily resistant to rust.

Click here to buy the Cakuni Garden Sprinkler.

Grüntek Circular Sprinkler (£16.19)

GRÜNTEK Circular Sprinkler
  • Claimed lawn coverage: Up to 452m²
  • Number of jets: 4

Garden sprinklers come in a range of shapes and sizes and this is an example of a stake-shaped option. You stick the sprinkler into your lawn, attach it to your hose and go from there. The Grüntek Circular Sprinkler has four spray modes to choose from (Mini, Fan, Flat and Large) and you cycle between them by rotating the top of the device.

This is one of the best garden sprinklers to consider if you don’t want to spend big. You can configure this garden sprinkle to target specific portions of lawn. For example, there’s a mode that covers a full 360-degree rotation, along with a targeted mode that operates at a more precise 30-degree angle. Interestingly, you can buy a couple of these garden sprinklers and connect them together to form a system that waters your entire garden in one go. Impressive!

Click here to buy the Grüntek Circular Sprinkler.

Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler (£31.02)

Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler
  • Claimed lawn coverage: Up to 310m²
  • Number of jets: 36

If you’ve got a little more money to play around with, check in with this garden sprinkler from Gardena. It has a total of three rotating arms, each of which consists of 12 individual water jet nozzles. You can adjust the rotating nozzle heads to ensure the water is hitting the correct parts of your lawn.

The Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler is recommended for ‘mid-sized to large lawns’. In fact, according to the product description it can be used to manage up to 310m² of garden space. Other features include a non-slip base and an integrated, easy-to-remove filter.

Click here to buy the Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler.

Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler (£15.99)

Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler
  • Claimed lawn coverage: Up to 79m²
  • Number of jets: 8

Last but not least on our list of the best garden sprinklers, we have the Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler – and yes, from the top down it looks a little like the Face Hugger monster in the Alien films. Again, this garden sprinkler has a non-slip base and three spray patterns to choose from: Mist, Strip and Jet.

The Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler features a soft-touch, easy-grip adjuster ring that means you can quickly change the spray setting whenever you need to.

Click here to buy the Hozelock 2515 0000 Multi Sprinkler.

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