Best kitchen taps 2022: top cheap kitchen taps under £150

Investing in a new kitchen tap will transform a dated kitchen into a room to be proud of. The best kitchen taps for 2022 are affordable, stylish and easy to install even if you’re a DIY newbie. Our product experts have picked out some of the most popular kitchen taps for your home.

We’ve spotted some top picks from big-name kitchen brands including Funime, Grohe, Hapilife and Heable. All of the kitchen taps we’ve highlighted in our buyer’s guide are made of good-looking materials and more than capable of blasting dirt off your mucky dishes.

In our handy kitchen tap guide, we explain which features to look out for when buying a kitchen tap and how to fit the unit when it arrives at home. We can also reveal which kitchen taps are the most popular with customers right now over on Amazon. Keep scrolling for the details.

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Cheap kitchen taps: quick guide

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Kitchen tap buyer’s guide: which features are important?

360-degree swivel spouts

If you like the idea of owning a kitchen tap that can reach the far corners of your basin, buy a model with a 360-degree rotating spout. This means you can easily change the direction of the water without getting yourself soaked. If you have a two-basin setup, owning a rotating spout lets you quickly swap between each area.

Spray modes

We’ve spotted a range of kitchen taps that offer a selection of different spray modes. For example, some kitchen taps have a button on the spout that makes the water jet more powerful. This is a really handy feature to have if you hate scrubbing dishes that don’t get clean easily.

Pull-out hoses

A pull-out hose makes cleaning larger items in your basin a breeze. We find that a pull-out hose is perfect for cleaning the sink basin itself, too. Previously reserved for professional kitchens, kitchen taps with pull-out hoses are now extremely popular in households up and down the UK.

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Where can you buy kitchen taps?

Shopping for a kitchen tap in-store has its benefits. Buyers can look at the options up-close and get a feel for the materials used. However, you’ll have lots more taps to choose from if you’re willing to take your search online.

There are no shortage of companies that sell kitchen taps online. Some of the most popular retailers for kitchen taps include Amazon, eBay, Homebase, Robert Dyas and The Range.

Whatever retailer you side with, get into the habit of checking customer reviews for the taps you’re considering. Also note the brand’s returns policy in case you don’t like the tap when it arrives at your front door.

The best kitchen taps for 2022

Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap (£47.59)

Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

A sleek kitchen tap that will slot nicely into any modern kitchen. This kitchen tap is available on Amazon courtesy of the Heable Store and flaunts a single hand design to control water temperature and flow. The Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap (catchy name, right?) has a 360-degree swivel spout and a pull-out spray head for dealing with stubborn stains.

You get three different spray settings to choose from: Stream, Spray or Pause. Stream is for filling water, Spray is for rinsing and Pause is there to help you avoid splashes while you’re multitasking. The hardware needed to install this kitchen tap is bundled with the product.

Click here to buy the Heable Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap.

OWill Kitchen Mixer Tap (£58.99)

OWill Kitchen Mixer Tap

You can buy a stylish kitchen tap without having to dig deep into your wallet – here’s the proof. The OWill Kitchen Mixer Tap has a physical switch near the head that lets you swap between two different modes: Stream mode and Spray mode. Stream mode provides you with a regular flow of water, but you’ll want to swap over to Spray mode if you need to blast away dirt.

The base of this kitchen tap can swivel a full 360 degrees, giving you plenty of room to maneuverer. Its flexible hose is a breeze to operate and you rotate the small handle at the base of the tap to adjust the water temperature. In the package, you get the faucet, a hardware kit, 2x 3/8-inch hose and product instructions.

Click here to buy the OWill Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap (£32.99)

Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

An affordable yet elegant kitchen tap with a range of handy features. For starters, this kitchen tap has a 360-degree swivel spout and smooth, traditional-looking handles for hot and cold water. The Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap is made of a brass & multilayer chrome finish and comes bundled with free stainless steel hoses and an installation kit.

This cheap kitchen tap uses premium bubblers to prevent splashing. According to Funime, that same component also saves ‘15% water’ and filters impurities. If you’re shopping for an affordable kitchen tap with a clean, sophisticated look, add this one to your shortlist.

Click here to buy the Funime Traditional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap.

Heable Kitchen Mixer Tap (£39.99)

Heable Kitchen Mixer Tap

This kitchen tap from Heable is rocking a chrome finish that gives it a bright, reflective and metallic look. It has a 360-degree swivel spout and uses premium bubblers to save water and filter impurities for cleaner, safer drinking water.

The Heable Kitchen Mixer Tap has dual levers with smooth turning and ‘longer-lasting disc valves’. For the price you pay, you get the tap unit itself, hot & cold water hoses and mounting hardware. Heable is promising customers the tap is made ‘of the best copper materials.’

Click here to buy the Heable Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps (£24.99)

Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps

When we look at this kitchen tap, one word comes to mind right away: simplicity. This is a double-handle kitchen tap with a high arc design that should sit perfectly in any modern kitchen. The Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps are delightfully affordable and are built from a ‘lead-free, solid brass construction.’

This kitchen tap is worth a closer look if you’re shopping for a unit that won’t be a pain to fit. The Funime kitchen tap comes with a pair of complementary UK standard hoses and an installation manual that takes you through the fitting process one step at a time.

Click here to buy the Funime Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps.

Black Kitchen Sink Tap with Pull Out Spray (£102.60)

Black Kitchen Sink Tap with Pull Out Spray

Now here’s something a little bit different. GadgetMouse loves the look of this black kitchen tap, which is complimented brilliantly by rose gold accents.

Made by PHASAT, this kitchen tap has a pull-out spray head with a reach of 20 inches. It has a high arch spout design (which is becoming more and more popular right now) and a single handle for adjusting water temperature. A single button near the water head lets you swap between Spray mode and Stream mode.

Click here to buy the Black Kitchen Sink Tap with Pull Out Spray.

GRIFEMA Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap (£33.70)

GRIFEMA Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap

Sometimes you just want to buy something basic for your home. We think this kitchen tap from GRIFEMA is a good fit if that’s the case – it has a 360-degree swivel head and a durable brushed steel finish. The GRIFEMA Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap uses a ceramic valve to provide ‘a lifetime of reliable, drip-free use.’

A splash-free aerator aims to deliver soft-flowing water for rinsing fruits and vegetables. You get plenty of goodies in the box. The full list is made up of the tap itself, O rings, a non-slip base, a fixing nut and various fitting adapters.

Click here to buy the GRIFEMA Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Tap (£33.99)

Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Tap

Here’s another high-arching kitchen tap for you to stare at. This Hapilife model has two handles and is made of ‘the best copper materials.’ It uses the brand’s MirrorLook technology to resist fingerprints and water spots. The 360-degree base also lets you blast water in any direction you want to – good news if you have two basins that you need to swap between.

The Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Tap comes with two flexible pipes (UK standard), a detailed instruction manual and the company’s 10-year warranty plan.

Click here to buy the Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Tap.

Bristan Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap (£68.99)

Bristan Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

A chrome kitchen tap from Bristan that we’re told is an absolute breeze to install. It has a dual lever control with smooth turning, along with ceramic disc valves. This kitchen tap is suitable for both low pressure and high pressure systems and is finished off with a high-shine, chrome exterior.

The box you receive after you’ve ordered contains the tap itself (obviously), two flexi tails, a fixing kit, an instruction manual, an easyfit base, hex keys and grub screws. This kitchen tap comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Click here to buy the Bristan Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap.

Heable Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap (£32.99)

Heable Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap

Another budget-priced kitchen tap from Heable. This model has a traditional spin to it, thanks in part to the retro-inspired handles for swapping between hot and cold water. The tap head rotates a full 360 degrees, making it suitable for shooting water into a two-basin setup.

In the packaging, you get the Heable kitchen tap with fittings, two flexible pipes (UK standard), a detailed instruction manual and Heable’s 10-year warranty.

Click here to buy the Heable Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Premium & high-end kitchen taps for 2022

If you’ve got the budget for it, you may want to consider shopping for kitchen taps that go beyond the £100 price mark. Remember, if you’re willing to spend more on your new kitchen tap, you’ll likely be rewarded with higher-quality materials. Just make sure you do your research on the brand before you hit that ‘buy now’ button.

To get you started on your shopping journey, we’ve rounded up five kitchen taps below that are marketed as ‘high end’ or ‘premium’. Select the links below to be teleported straight to the product pages for each kitchen tap.

Grohe Minta Kitchen faucet (£181.03)

Grohe Minta Kitchen faucet

This premium tap from Grohe uses the brand’s EasyDock technology to upgrade your kitchen. In other words, it has a self-retracting shower head attached to the end of the spout, which is both super-modern and very practical. The Grohe Minta also has an ecological flow limiter tucked inside.

Click here to buy the Grohe Minta Kitchen faucet.

GROHE 30274000 (£179.99)

GROHE 30274000

A modern, L-spout kitchen tap that comes with a pull-out spray head. This model has a button that switches the flow of water coming out of the tap from a single stream into a spray pattern. The high spout aims to make filling larger pots in your basin that little bit easier. The spout on the GROHE 30274000 can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Click here to buy the GROHE 30274000.

YOHOM Pull Out Kitchen Taps (£62.99)

YOHOM Pull Out Kitchen Taps

This pull-out kitchen tap from YOHOM gives you two modes to choose from: Spray mode and Stream mode. It has a stainless steel surface that’s both easy to clean and anti-fingerprint. If you’re a sucker for vibrant colours, note that this kitchen tap also comes in an attention-grabbing gold.

Click here to buy the YOHOM Pull Out Kitchen Taps.

Arputhy 3 Way Kitchen Taps (£125.99)

Arputhy 3 Way Kitchen Taps

A high-quality kitchen tap made from solid brass. This model has two independent outlets and a 360-degree swivel spout. To swap between the different spray modes (stream and spray), you simply rotate the head of the tap.

Click here to buy the Arputhy 3 Way Kitchen Taps.

How to install a kitchen tap

Believe it or not, installing a kitchen tap without having to call in a plumber doesn’t always have to be super complicated. You can guide yourself through the process with the correct attitude and the right tools.

To prepare your new kitchen tap yourself, run through these steps:

1. Work out what kind of tap you need

There are lots of different types of tap out there, but not all of them will be compatible with your current kitchen setup. There are three main types of kitchen tap: sink pillar taps, deck-type sink mixers and monoblock mixers.

You can’t just buy any tap that you like the look of – you need to check how many tap holes you have in your sink pillar. Always consider this when you’re shopping for a new kitchen tap.

2. Screw in the threaded bar

Most taps will arrive partially assembled, so you’re not starting from scratch. Make sure that the threaded bar is screwed into the bottom of your new tap. This component will help to secure the tap in place. It needs to be screwed in fully before you can continue to the next step.

3. Fit the connection pipes

Next, you need to attach the connection pipes to the base of your new tap. Screw them in securely to prevent any leaks further down the line.

Your new tap should be prepared and ready to be fitted. Now, you’re ready to remove your old tap. Take a look at this handy how-to video for the next steps:

With the old tap removed for good, you’re ready to insert your brand new kitchen tap. See B&Q’s video on fixing your new kitchen tap for the details.