Best office chairs 2023: top picks under £150

If you’re working from home for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic, buying a suitable home office chair can really make a big difference. We’ve rounded up the best office chairs for you.

To help you find the right home office chair for you, we’ve trawled through Amazon to dig out some of the most popular home office chairs people are buying right now.

Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of home office chairs for you to browse through. For each chair, we’ve listed the price, key features and a ‘buy it now’ link. We’ve also got information on office chair features to look out for and advice on sitting at your desk correctly.

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Cheap office chairs: quick guide

If you don’t have time to explore our full advice guide, get straight to the buying! We have exclusive retailer links covering Amazon, Dunelm, Currys, eBay, Furniture Village, Homebase, Robert Dyas and The Range.

What does ergonomic chair mean?

An ergonomic seat supports the natural curvature of the spine. This is important if you’re shopping for a chair that you’ll be spending several hours every day in. Ideally, you want a chair that has a sturdy back and built-in lumbar support for the base of your spine.

According to Ergonomic Trends, the best ergonomic chairs offer adequate neck support and a backrest that tilts at least 20 degrees. They also use a seat with a ‘waterfall edge’ (dip) and high-quality casters that glide over carpet or hard floor. Consider these features when you’re shopping for your new home office chair.

Buying a home office chair: features to look out for

Tilt controls

Playing around with a chair’s tilt controls will determine how reclined it is while you work. If you don’t want to be sat straight all day, buying a home office chair with tilt controls will relax your muscles.

Lumbar support

By lumbar support, we mean a solid cushion built into the chair that sits at the base of your spine. You’ll quickly notice that lots of ‘gaming chairs’ include lumbar support cushions as they’re designed to be used for long periods at a time. Buying a home office chair with lumbar support is crucial if you want to look after your back.

Ergonomics website Spine-health says that lumbar back support should keep your ears, shoulders and hips in alignment. It should also maintain the natural inward curvature of your lower spine.

Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

Adjustable armrests

Adjustable armrests are important if the home office chair is going to be used by several different people. Each person that uses the chair will need their arms at a different height if they’re looking to maintain a healthy posture. Arms need to be bent in an L-shape and in line with the desk surface ahead.

Breathable mesh

Chairs with a mesh back are a solid option if you tend to perspire at your desk on a toasty day. Owning a home office chair with a perforated back improves air circulation and will go some way to helping you stay cool.

Types of home office chair compared

Balance ball chairs

A balance ball chair, or yoga chair, forces you to sit up straight while you’re working. As the ball doesn’t have a rear that can be leant on, you’re naturally sat in an upright position. In theory, this encourages a better posture, preventing you from slouching for long periods at a time.

Some people that work from home love swapping out their regular office chair with a balance ball chair. For others, sitting on a ball while trying to focus on work is a little too uncomfortable. Try experimenting yourself and see what works best for you.

SportShiny Starfish Balance Ball Chair
SportShiny Starfish Balance Ball Chair

Click here to buy balance ball chairs on Amazon UK.

Kneeling chairs

A kneeling chair consists of a foam pad for your behind and a second pad where you rest your knees. Sitting in this position brings your hips forward slightly and encourages an upright seating position.

According to Posturite, introducing a kneeling chair into your home office could help to encourage more movement on a daily basis. If you’re prone to aches and pains from being in the same position all day, consider swapping in a kneeling chair.

PRO 11 WELLBEING Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
PRO 11 WELLBEING Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Click here to buy kneeling chairs on Amazon UK.

Standing office stools

A standing office stool has a movable base that lets you lean forwards or backwards if you’re reaching for a notepad or a phone charger. The saddle-style seat fits the curve of your hips and promotes a healthy sitting posture to protect your back and neck.

Like standard home office chairs, standing office stools are height-adjustable. The model we’ve spotlighted below, for example, can go from 65.5cm to 83.5cm.

IWMH Standing Office Stool

Click here to buy standing office stools on Amazon UK.

Saddle chairs

Saddle chairs are designed to reduce painful pressure affecting your back and spine. You basically ‘mount’ the chair rather than sit on it – it’s like riding a bike. Pretty much every saddle chair features rolling castors so you can quickly whizz around the office without having to stand up.

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Stool

Click here to buy saddle chairs on Amazon UK.

Drafting office chairs

Drafting office chairs are to be used at a tall desk or counter. As a result, they’re capable of going particularly high and have a foot rest on the base of the chair to help you balance comfortably. Due to their height, some drafting office chairs are without wheels so they’re safer to use.

SONGMICS Drafting Stool Chair

Click here to buy drafting office chairs on Amazon UK.

Where to buy a home office chair

Most office stores on the high-street will have their own selection of chairs, but the coronavirus pandemic has made retail shopping trickier than even before.

Although you might like the idea of heading in-store to find a chair you can actually try out, shopping online means you have lots more options to choose from. Here are just a couple of websites that hold good stock of cheap home office chairs: Amazon, eBay, The Range, John Lewis, Lakeland Furniture, Wayfair.

The best home office chairs for 2023

COMHOMA Office Desk Chair – £115.99 (11% off)

COMHOMA Office Desk Chair

This budget-priced home office chair uses an ergonomic design to fit the natural curve of your body. It should provide plenty of support for long working hours. You also get built-in lumbar support, which is crucial if you’re shopping for an office chair suitable for working from home.

The chair is made by an Amazon UK brand called COMHOMA. It has a soft, high-density sponge seat and a durable mesh fabric on its back. This chair is height-adjustable, too, so you can make sure you’re sat in a position that’s good for your spine while you’re scrolling through your emails.

Click here to buy the COMHOMA Office Desk Chair.

Playhaha Gaming Chair – £84.99 (15% off)

Playhaha Gaming Chair

So-called ‘gaming’ chairs can actually double as great ergonomic chairs for a home office. This seat from Playhaha is a great pick if you’re on a budget and comes in black, blue, red or purple. The seat is made from a high-density foam that offers up some nice, comfy cushioning.

The Playhaha Gaming Chair uses padded armrests that curve slightly so you can rest in a more natural position. It has a solid 5-star base and can hold up to 150kg according to the Amazon seller. By adjusting the knob on the underside of the seat, you can tilt backwards until you find the perfect position for you.

Click here to buy the Playhaha Gaming Chair.

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair (£129.99)

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

We reckon this home office chair will fit right in if it’s sophistication you’re looking for. The sub-£100 chair is made from black PU leather and has a useful recline function. The backrest can be adjusted and locked in a tilted position if you need to stretch your back a little bit after a couple of hours in the same position.

This office chair from the Cherry Tree Furniture Store also included padded armrests, built-in lumbar support and is finished with a minimal black stitching. The seat rotates a full 360-degrees.

Click here to buy the Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair.

Hbada Office Chair – £109.99 (15% off)

Hbada Office Chair

This is easily one of the most unique-looking home office chairs in our list. The Hbada Office Chair pairs sleek looks with an adjustable design. An ergonomic backrest will fit the natural curve of your lower spine, which is great news if you suffer from discomfort when spending longer periods of time typing at your computer.

If you need to, you can flip either of the arms up all the day – it makes it far easier to tuck the chair underneath your desk when you’re done for the day. The chair also has a high-density mesh back and a heavy duty base with ‘silenced’ rolling casters.

Click here to buy the Hbada Office Chair.

Outwin Grey Desk Chair – £86.99 (3% off)

Outwin Grey Desk Chair

You can still buy a classy home office chair on a tight budget – here’s the proof. The Outwin Grey Desk Chair is coated with a soft, premium velvet and has a thick, padded seat. The seat is made from high-density foam with ‘good elasticity’ – great news for your behind.

The curved contours of this home office chair are designed to provide optimal lumbar support. According to Outwin, it’ll take you about 10-15 minutes to build this chair from scratch.

Click here to buy the Outwin Grey Desk Chair.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Desk Chair – £129.29 (28% off)

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

We think the minimalistic look to this home office chair ensures it’ll look great in a modern home office. The back is ergonomically shaped and can tilt backwards to 12- degrees – once you’re finished with work, you can lean back and stick on a movie or play games at your desk.

The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Desk Chair has 90-degree folding armrests, and uses a gas lift mechanism for height adjustable.

Click here to buy the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Desk Chair.

Office Essentials Office Chair – £98.03 (6% off)

Office Essentials Office Chair

A home office chair with a ‘classic’ look to it. This chair is from the Office Hippo Store and has a comfortable mesh back, a padded seat and integral arms for extra support. A locking mechanism means the chair can be positioned upright or float freely.

Click here to buy the Office Essentials Office Chair.

Fullwatt Office Chair – £78.99 (5% off)

Fullwatt Office Chair

We spotted this home office chair in an eye-catching mint finish and knew we had to add it to our list. It pairs that mint base with a sophisticated silver and has a pair of fold-up arms that make it easy to quickly walk away from your desk to take a phone call.

The Fullwatt Office Chair also has a backrest covered with breathable mesh and curved backrest with lumbar support. What’s not to love?

Click here to buy the Fullwatt Office Chair.

Bramley Power Store Office Chair (£149.99)

Bramley Power Store Office Chair

A high-backed, reclining home office chair with a classy cream finish. It’s on sale courtesy of Amazon UK’s Bramley Power Store and boasts twin armrests and 360-degree swivel.

Here’s the exciting bit – this home office chair has six powerful motors to massage your back, buttocks and legs. Perfect for those stressful days working from home.

Click here to buy the Bramley Power Store Office Chair.

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic Computer Chair – £129.99 (21% off)

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic Computer Chair

An affordable home office desk chair with good mesh ventilation, a lumbar support bar, foldable armrests and a durable base that swivels a full 360-degrees.

Click here to buy the IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic Computer Chair.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior – £313.38 (10% off)

This gaming chair from Corsair comes in a couple of different colour options: Black, Black and Red, Black and White, Black and Blue and Black and Yellow. It’s created for comfort, flaunting a wide seat and a tall back with a deep seat cushion for added support.

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior has rollerblade-style wheels and a perforated PU leather seat back and cushion. You can adjust and move the armrests in any direction.

Click here to buy the Corsair T2 Road Warrior.

How to sit at your desk correctly

If you spend many hours a day in an office chair, make sure you’re sitting in a healthy position. Slouching can cause muscular pains that will only worsen over time if you don’t make some changes to your posture.

When sitting in a home office chair, remember to:

Support your back: Adjust the rear of the office chair so that it’s pressing gently against your back. In other words, it needs to be supporting you while you’re sat naturally, not bent backwards and unused.

Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor: Try to avoid crossing your legs. If your feet don’t reach the floor, consider investing in a footrest.

Make sure your monitor is at eye level: Ideally, your monitor should be roughly an arm’s length away. If it’s not directly in front of you, a monitor stand can help you fix that.

Important home office accessories

Posture harness for home office

A reliable posture harness can prevent soreness in your back and shoulders. The best cheap posture harnesses are made from breathable fabrics, are easy to wear and aren’t visible underneath a shirt or jumper.

There are plenty of posture harnesses on Amazon to choose from and, thankfully, none of them are super expensive. Popular brands include Aollop, Gearari and Modetro Sports.

Posture Corrector for Men and Women

Foot rest for home office

A foot rest can improve your posture and encourage blood circulation by holding your feet and legs up as you type away at your desk.

Shop for foot rests on Amazon if you think it’ll help improve your posture while you’re working from home. Our own research suggests some of the most popular brands include HUANUO, Kensington and Medipaq.

Kensington Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest

Remember to stay physically active even when you’re working from home. Check in with our detailed guide to the best treadmills.