Best red fridge freezers 2023: top stylish and spacious models

Buying a red fridge freezer could be a great investment if you need an eye-catching, retro-inspired appliance to slot into your kitchen. The best red fridge freezers have plenty of storage space for your food and they’re available for an affordable price, meaning you won’t be reaching too deep into your wallet. Our experts have picked out some of the most popular red fridge freezers for your kitchen.

Searching for some popular yet budget-priced red fridge freezers, we’ve rounded up our top picks from brands including Amica, Galanz and Hisense. Plus, if you’re feeling a little indecisive, we’ve also included some sub-£300 fridge freezers in white and silver.

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At a glance: our top 5 red fridge freezers

Product namePrice
Hisense RR220D4ARF£178.99
Galanz RFFK006CCurrently unavailable
Amica FDR2213R£469.90
Amica FKR29653R£519
Hisense RB390N4RRDUK£749.97
Prices correct as of March 2023

Best red fridge freezers to buy for 2023

Hisense RR220D4ARF (£178.99)

  • Capacity: 149 litres
  • Number of doors: 1
Hisense RR220D4ARF

This freestanding fridge freezer from Hisense has a claimed capacity of around 149 litres. It’s constructed with a single door and has an auto defrost mode that means you don’t need to manually defrost the appliance. Take a look inside and you’ll also spot a special drawer to keep your fruit and veg organised.

The Hisense RR220D4ARF has interior LED lighting, an adjustable thermostat and also a handy chrome wine rack. Note that you can remove the wine rack if you reckon it’s time to wash it.

Click here to buy the Hisense RR220D4ARF, or shop deals on eBay.

Galanz RFFK006C (currently unavailable)

  • Capacity: 215 litres
  • Number of doors: 2
Galanz RFFK006C

If you’re shopping for a retro fridge freezer in a vibrant red, have a closer look at this model. The Galanz RFFK006C is a freezer-on-top model with a claimed capacity of around 215 litres. There are three door balconies and we love the look of the old-style handles on the front.

Inside, you can tweak the adjustable thermostat and stuff the crystal crisper with vegetables. This same fridge freezer is also available in a classy cream colour and a simple black.

Click here to buy the Galanz RFFK006C

Amica FDR2213R (£469.90)

  • Capacity: 206 litres
  • Number of doors: 2
Amica FDR2213R

Next up on our list of the best red fridge freezers is this retro model from kitchen brand Amica. The Amica FDR2213R comes in at less than £500 and has a claimed capacity of around 206 litres. There’s adjustable internal shelving, so you can move things around based on what sort of food you’re storing.

The front feet and rear castors on this red fridge freezer are height-adjustable, so you can tweak that accordingly based on your own kitchen setup. A built-in salad crisper will keep humidity-sensitive items fresh, plus there’s a handy interior light.

Click here to buy the Amica FDR2213R, or shop deals on eBay.

Amica FKR29653R (£519)

  • Capacity: 244 litres
  • Number of doors: 2
Amica FKR29653R

Here’s a freezer-on-bottom model from Amica with a claimed capacity of 244 litres. It has a thin design, which is good news if you’re working with limited space in your kitchen. It features a total of four interior safety glass shelves, a big salad crisper drawer and three in-door balconies within the fridge compartment.

Inside the freezer, you’ll find a trio of spacious freezer drawers and an ice cube tray.

Click here to buy the Amica FKR29653R, or shop deals on eBay.

Hisense RB390N4RRDUK (£749.97)

  • Capacity: 300 litres
  • Number of doors: 2
Hisense RB390N4RRDUK

Last but certainly not least, we have this beautiful red fridge freezer made by Hisense. This model comes in a stunning deep red finish and has a claimed capacity of around 300 litres. You get to see the brand’s Total No Frost technology in action – it’s meant to prevent ice build-up, making defrosting ‘a thing of the past.’

Other features include a dedicated spot for wine and soft drink bottles, a CrispZone storage area for fruit and vegetables, and precise user controls so you can easily change the temperature inside the fridge or freezer compartments.

Click here to buy the Hisense RB390N4RRDUK, or shop deals on eBay.

Cheap fridge freezers under £300

If you’re sticking to a tight budget, you’ll be pleased to hear that Amazon also stocks fridge freezers under £300. The list of brands we’ve spotlighted below include Candy, Comfee and Cookology.

CANDY CSC1365WEN (£279.97)

  • Capacity: 173 litres
  • Number of doors: 2

This Candy fridge freezer has a capacity of around 173 litres and the brand claims it can store ‘roughly 10 bags of shopping.’ There are three adjustable, anti-spill fridge shelves and a handy vegetable compartment, plus three additional transparent drawers so you can see when you need another trip to the supermarket.

LED lighting will help you see what’s in the appliance during the evening, and there’s a salad crisper drawer.

Click here to buy the CANDY CSC1365WEN, or shop deals on eBay.

COMFEE RCT87WH1E (£179.99)

  • Capacity: 87 litres
  • Number of doors: 2

This is an under-counter fridge freezer, so it’s not as large as the rest of the appliances on our list. It has a claimed capacity of around 87 litres and two adjustable front legs so you can position it just right. The COMFEE RCT87WH1E has two removable glass shelves and one drawer.

Note that the door on this under-counter fridge freezer is reversible, so it can be adjusted to fit any kitchen layout.

Click here to buy the COMFEE RCT87WH1E, or shop deals on eBay.

Cookology UCFF87 (£169.99)

  • Capacity: 61 litres + 21 litres
  • Number of doors: 2
Cookology UCFF87

A two-door fridge freezer that fits neatly underneath a kitchen countertop. It has reversible doors (handy if you have an awkwardly laid-out kitchen), one full glass shelf and another half glass shelf over the vegetable drawer. Bundled in the appliance you also get an ice scraper and an ice cube tray.

Click here to buy the Cookology UCFF87, or shop deals on eBay.

Buying a red fridge freezer: which features are important?


Consider the size of your household and how much food is going to be stuffed into the fridge freezer. When shopping around, build up your shortlist and make sure you note down the claimed capacity from each manufacturer. If you want a big fridge freezer, you also need to make sure it’ll fit in your kitchen, so get the tape measure out.

Auto defrost

This is a really handy feature as it saves you from having to manually defrost the appliance. We’ve seen the feature pop up on various red fridge freezers, including the Hisense RR220D4ARF.

Reversible doors

Shop for a red fridge freezer with reversible doors if you’re not too sure about your kitchen configuration and where you want the appliance to sit. Once it arrives at your home, you can adjust the doors if needed.

For an overview of our kitchen product recommendations, see our kitchen buying advice.

How much should I spend on a red fridge freezer?

If you’re on the hunt for a red fridge freezer, expect to spend around £250-650. Obviously, the bigger your budget, the bigger the appliance. Pricier fridge freezers also tend to have better energy ratings and handy bonus features such as reversible doors and auto-defrost mode.

Where to buy a red fridge freezer

Retailer nameWhat does it offer?
AmazonA large selection of red fridge freezers from brands you’ve probably already heard of including Amica and Hisense.
eBayFreestanding fridge freezers, retro fridge freezers and red fridge freezers from names including Amica, Montpellier and Smeg.
CurrysThis retailer stocks fridge freezers covering a wide range of budgets. You’ll spot models from Beko, Montpellier, Samsung and Smeg.

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