Best retro microwaves 2023: top models for vintage vibes

If you’re aiming to add some style to a tired-looking kitchen, investing in a retro microwave could be the perfect solution. The best vintage-inspired models we’ve seen combine classic looks with modern technology. Whether you’re shopping for a small microwave to cram in a corner or a larger unit to serve as a centrepiece, there are plenty of options available.

In our buying guide, we’ve picked out some of the most popular retro microwaves to help you keep your kitchen looking its best. Our team has spotted top picks from various kitchen brands including Comfee, Russell Hobbs and Swan.

At a glance: our top 5 retro microwaves

If you don’t have the time to read through our full article, we’ve rounded up our favourites in the handy table below.

Product namePriceWhy do we like it?
Swan Retro SM22030LBLN£99.99One of the most popular retro microwaves on Amazon. It comes in several stunning colours and is built to last.
COMFEE Retro Style Microwave£74.99A budget-price retro microwave with 5 cooking power levels. You can grab it in cream, blue, red or white.
COMFEE Passionate Red MicrowaveCurrently unavailableThis vibrant microwave will certainly capture the gaze of your guests. It has a 20-litre capacity and
Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705C Microwave£82.97A compact retro microwave that you can bundle together with an electric kettle or toaster in the same style.
SWAN SM22070BN Retro£131.72Swan’s 25-litre retro microwave is a popular pick on Amazon. It has 6 different power levels and a defrost setting.
Prices correct as of March 2023

Best retro microwaves for 2023

Swan Retro SM22030LBLN (£99.99)

Swan Retro SM22030LBLN
📏Product dimensions32.1cm x 44cm x 26cm
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
🍔Claimed capacity
20 litres

This retro microwave from Swan has a claimed capacity of around 20 litres. It runs off 800W of power to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly all the way through and has 5 cooking levels for you to choose from. There’s a dedicated defrost setting, too. We really like the retro-inspired dials on the side of this model, where you’ll also spot a clock and handy display that shows temperature and current cooking level. The interior is coated with a special non-stick material to make cleaning a breeze.

Click here to buy the Swan Retro SM22030LBLN, or shop deals on eBay.

COMFEE Retro Style Microwave (£74.99)

COMFEE Retro Style Microwave
📏Product dimensions35.7cm x 44cm x 25.8cm
🌈Colour optionsCream, Green, Red, White
🍔Claimed capacity
20 litres

This is a brilliant retro microwave that pairs good looks with an easy-to-use design. We’ve highlighted the classic cream colour, which compliments the chrome finishes around the edge of the appliance. This retro microwave has 8 auto menus, 5 cooking power levels and a handy Express Cook button, making it a breeze to prepare your meals. A built-in turntable ensures your food is cooked evenly, and a 20-litre capacity means you’ll have plenty of space for bigger items.

Click here to buy the COMFEE Retro Style Microwave, or shop deals on eBay.

COMFEE Passionate Red Microwave – currently unavailable

COMFEE Passionate Red Microwave
📏Product dimensions35.7cm x 44cm x 25.8cm
🌈Colour optionsCream, Green, Red, White
🍔Claimed capacity
20 litres

Take a closer look at this retro microwave if you want vintage looks and modern technology. It has a 20-litre capacity, providing ample space for your munch. There are 8 auto menus to choose from, along with 5 different cooking power levels to get the right crisp on your meals. A defrost button will thaw frozen food quickly, and there’s a child lock included to avoid any accidents. This retro microwave has a zero-standby mode, which aims to save energy.

Click here to buy the COMFEE Passionate Red Microwave, or shop deals on eBay.

Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705C Microwave (£82.97)

Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705C Microwave
📏Product dimensions14.4cm x 17.8cm x 10.1cm
🌈Colour optionsBlack, Cream, Red
🍔Claimed capacity
17 litres

This popular retro microwave will no doubt add a touch of sophistication to any home. It has a claimed capacity of 17 litres and is therefore large enough to accommodate a variety of dishes and meals. It has five power levels for you to experiment with, plus a timer and defrost setting. This Russell Hobbs model has an easy-clean interior and a compact body that means you won’t struggle finding a spot for it on the kitchen counter.

Click here to buy the Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705C Microwave, or shop deals on eBay.

SWAN SM22070BN Retro (£131.72)

SWAN SM22070BN Retro
📏Product dimensions39.1cm x 48cm x 27.8cm
🌈Colour optionsBlack
🍔Claimed capacity
25 litres

This 900W retro microwave offers a 25-litre capacity and it’s suitable for all types of cooking. The classic black finish we’ve highlighted above gives the appliance a truly timeless look, complementing any kitchen setup. The manual controls are easy to use, and there are five power levels along with a defrost setting. The useful auto cook function allows you to cook pre-programmed dishes at the touch of a button, and the removable glass turntable is super easy to clean.

Click here to buy the SWAN SM22070BN Retro, or shop deals on eBay.

Klarstein Fine Dinesty Retro Microwave – currently unavailable

Klarstein Fine Dinesty Retro Microwave
📏Product dimensions48cm x 38cm x 28cm
🌈Colour optionsBlue, Cream, Red
🍔Claimed capacity
23 litres

The vibrant red finish on this retro microwave will quickly grab your attention. This model has a 23-litre capacity and could be an ideal addition for any modern kitchen. It has a digital display timer and twelve programs for precise and easy cooking. Whether you’re defrosting, grilling, or microwaving, this retro model is up to the task. There are three defrost levels, too, so you can easily thaw frozen foods.

Click here to buy the Klarstein Fine Dinesty Retro Microwave, or shop deals on eBay.

CANDY Divo Solo Microwave (£97.88)

CANDY Divo Solo Microwave
📏Product dimensions34cm x 45cm x 26cm
🌈Colour optionsCream
🍔Claimed capacity
20 litres

The CANDY Divo Solo Microwave is a 20-litre model with a retro design and digital display. It combines 8 programs and 6 power levels to bless you with a convenient cooking experience. Whether you need to defrost some food quickly or just warm it up, the Speed Defrost function will do the job in no time. We really like the sleek cream color, which works well alongside darker tones.

Click here to buy the CANDY Divo Solo Microwave, or shop deals on eBay.

How much should I spend on a retro microwave?

If you’re shopping for a retro microwave, expect to spend anywhere between £75 to £200. Obviously, the fancier the appliance, the more money you’ll spend.

Cheap models stick to the basics and don’t offer loads of fancy extras. You’ll get a built-in timer and a couple of cooking modes on budget models, while pricier alternatives have far more internal space for your food. Speaking of space, make sure you note the dimensions of any retro microwave before you order it.

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