Best rowing machines 2022: top picks under £500

Adding a rowing machine to your home gym will give you an effective way to shed pounds without leaving the house. The best rowing machines under £500 are affordable, easy to use and great at working out your whole body. Our expert buying guide reveals some of the best rowing machines for buyers on a budget.

Below, we’ve rounded up some popular rowing machines from big-name brands including Body Fit, Dripex and Sunny Health and Fitness. All of the products we’ve picked out cost less than £500.

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Rowing machine features to look out for

How do rowing machines work?

Rowing machines force you to work hard by offering varying levels of resistance. You sit down with your legs outstretched and pull the handlebars towards you. Most rowing machines let you choose how much pressure you need to use to pull back the handlebars fully. There are several types of rowing machine, with the full list including air rowing machines, water rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines and hydraulic rowing machines.

Most of the rowing machines we’ve spotlighted on this page use a magnetic resistance system. These machines work by changing up the distance between strong magnets and the flywheel attached to the machine. Magnetic rowing machines are popular because they’re fairly quiet.

Are rowing machines under £500 good for weight loss?

Rowing is an example of a great low-impact workout because it works your whole body. Putting in the hours on your rowing machine will build strength in your core, back, arms and legs. The physical effort you put in to take on the varying levels of resistance will result in you burning calories, which can help you lose weight. The more time and effort you put in, the better the results.

How much does a rowing machine cost?

If you’re shopping for rowing machines on Amazon, you can expect to spend anywhere between £100 and £1,000. But don’t fret – the vast majority of rowing machines land under the £500 price point. Even the cheaper models usually come with varied levels of magnetic resistance, LCD displays and ergonomic seats.

Where to buy a rowing machine

Popular online retailers that stock rowing machines include Amazon, eBay, The Range, JTX Fitness, Powerhouse Fitness, and WaterRower UK. The machines we’ve highlighted below are all available to buy today from Amazon UK.

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The best rowing machines under £500

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine (£299.99)

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

This sub-£500 rowing machine from Dripex could be the perfect addition to your home gym setup. It has an original and ergonomic design and can be stored upright when not in use, saving valuable space. You can pick between 15 different magnetic resistance settings depending on how much force you want to be behind each of your strokes. If you fancy a light workout, you can pick one of the looser settings.

The Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine is classed as a low impact exercise machine and suits all fitness levels. An aluminium rail makes the machine super silent even during an intense workout, so you won’t have angry neighbours banging on your wall every time you’re burning calories. There is also a shock absorber positioned underneath the sliding rail. Other features include an ergonomic hand grip, a comfortable chair, anti-skid pedals and an intelligent LCD monitor.

Click here to buy the Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine.

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine (£259.99)

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

This rowing machine has 10 different levels of magnetic resistance for you to battle against. The built-in LCD monitor reports back on your calories burned and the amount of time you’ve spent working out. It can also give you an idea of how far you’re rowed during a single session.

A compact, foldable design means you can tuck this rowing machine out of sight when it’s not in use. It’s suitable for folk weighing up to 100kg. At the time of writing, this is easily one of the most popular rowing machines we’ve spotted on Amazon UK.

Click here to buy the JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5606 Rowing Machine (£120.95)

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5606 Rowing Machine - rowing machines under £500

A rowing machine suitable for your home gym that’s built by a brand called Sunny Health and Fitness. This model works via elastic cord resistance, with four different levels of tension on offer for gym addicts. The large, built-in LCD console displays time, stroke count, calories burned and strokes per minute.

An oversized, angled seat with non-slip handles will help you stay comfortable while you’re in the zone. Note that this machine has a maximum user weight of around 220lbs.

Click here to buy the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5606 Rowing Machine.

Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine (£198.49)

Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine - rowing machines under £500

Bluefin is a well-known Amazon seller that serves up a range of exercise machines and accessories. This gorgeous looking piece of kit is called the Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine. A smooth drive belt aims to simulate a natural rowing motion, while the 10-degree incline adds extra resistance if you really want to challenge yourself.

Of course, you’ll see from the picture above that this rowing machine includes a large information console. It tells you how much time you’ve spent working out, along with calories burned and strokes per minute. To help you train in comfort, the Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine has ergonomic grip handlebars, anti-slip foot pedals and a padded seat.

Click here to buy the Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine.

HOMCOM Rowing Machine (£77.99)

HOMCOM Rowing Machine - rowing machines under £500

Take a closer look at this rowing machine if you’re aiming to keep costs fairly low. At a little over £100, it still provides an experience that’ll help you shed pounds from home. The HOMCOM Rowing Machine has 12 adjustable resistance levels and a mini LCD monitor that reports back on time spent working out and calories burned.

The HOMCOM Rowing Machine has a wide, padded seat so there’s less of a chance of you slipping off during a workout. This model also has non-slip handlebars.

Click here to buy the HOMCOM Rowing Machine.