Best weighted blankets 2022: the most relaxing blankets under £50

Weighted blankets have become wildly popular over the last couple of years, with happy customers praising the benefits of deep touch pressure. These blankets can have a calming effect on your body, which is brilliant news if you’re having trouble getting a sound night’s sleep. We’ve picked out some of the best weighted blankets.

There’s nothing quite like feeling the pressure of a weighted blanket when you’re tucked up in bed. Lying underneath a weighted blanket feels alot like being treated to a tight hug, ultimately leading to better sleep for many people. Studies suggest using these blankets can relieve pain, reduce anxiety levels and improve your overall mood.

Keep scrolling to find out what benefits weighted blankets can offer. We’ve also carried out some pricing research and picked out some of the most popular weighted blankets that cost less than £50.

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Cheap weighted blankets: quick guide

If you don’t have the time to read our full guide, get straight to the buying part! Try shopping with Amazon, Boots, Currys, eBay, Robert Dyas and The Range.

Buying a weighted blanket gives you instant access to deep pressure therapy from home. Deep pressure therapy involves firm but gentle squeezing of the skin that helps to relax the nervous system. This pressure can also be applied using equipment (such as a massage gun) or with firm hands.

According to Healthline, evidence suggests that weighted blankets can bring about positive results for several conditions. That list, claims the medical news site, includes autism, ADHD and anxiety.

Do weighted blankets work for anxiety?

They can do, yes. Really, the impact a weighted blanket has will vary from person to person. According to information from, applying deep pressure to the body will have it switch from its sympathetic nervous system to its parasympathetic nervous system. In simple terms, the pressure can bring ‘a sense of calm and peace to the mind and body.’

Are weighted blankets safe for kids?

Yes, as long as you do your research. It’s crucial that you buy a weighted blanket that’s not so heavy that your child can’t move freely underneath it. There should be a noticeable pressure from the blanket, but the child should also have the power to move around and adjust their position too.

The size guide below comes courtesy of Keeptop, the brand behind the Keeptop Weighted Blanket for Adults.

Image: Keeptop (Amazon UK)

Where to buy weighted blankets

If feeling the material of the weighted blanket before you buy is important to you, head to the highstreet. But otherwise, shopping online will give you far more choice and you can check in with customer reviews.

Popular retailers that stock weighted blankets include Amazon, eBay, The Range, John Lewis, Next, Selfridges and Wayfair.

The best weighted blankets for 2022 under £50

Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults (£37.99)

Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults

This 100% cotton blanket measures 150cm x 200cm. It weighs 6.8kg, which is heavy enough to simulate deep pressure therapy to calm your nerves and guide you towards a more peaceful sleep. The Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults is not recommended for pregnant women, children under three years old or people who are unable move the blanket by themselves.

According to the manufacturer, this lush weighted blanket is made of a unique, 7-layer construction that’s designed to provide fantastic sleep quality. Tucked inside are two layers of beads and microfibre that help the blanket to hug your body comfortably. Weight is distributed evenly across the material.

Click here to buy the Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults.

Keeptop Weighted Blanket for Adults (£55.98)

This stylish weighted blanket comes in a range of gorgeous colours. The full list consists of blue, grey, navy and pink.

Again, this is a weighted blanket that comes in loads of different sizes – the model we’ve picked out today measures 150cm x 200cm and weighs 5.4kg. Take a closer look at the Keeptop Weighted Blanket for Adults if you want to sleep better through the simulated feeling or being held or hugged.

Click here to buy the Keeptop Weighted Blanket for Adults.