BT Sport not working with VPN? Fix it in 3 steps (2021 guide)

BT Sport is cracking down on some VPNs and preventing viewers from streaming outside the UK. If you’re struggling with a mediocre VPN that’s plagued by error messages, it’s time to treat yourself to an upgrade. Our handy guide explains what to do if BT Sport isn’t working.

To cut a long story short, your current VPN has most likely been blacklisted by BT Sport and hasn’t yet replaced its dodgy server. Joining forces with a brand new VPN is probably going to solve your problems. Below, we run through four awesome VPNs that effortlessly unlock BT Sport in just a couple of clicks.

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How to use BT Sport abroad: quick guide

  1. Get ExpressVPN (£6.28+), Ivacy ($1.33+), NordVPN (£2.71+) or PureVPN ($2.91+)
  2. Open the VPN and connect to a server based in the UK
  3. Sign in to your BT Sport account
  4. Use BT Sport from anywhere in the world

Can I watch BT Sport outside the US?

You can watch games on BT Sport from anywhere in the world provided you’re using a reliable VPN. The best VPN’s we’ve seen will assign you a temporary IP address from the UK, which unlocks all of the content so you can use BT Sport even if you’re overseas.

But without a VPN, you won’t get far at all if you’re trying to watch BT Sport games abroad. In fact, heading to the BT Sport website will just see you staring at a frustrating message that explains: “Sorry, this video is not available in your country”.

Why is BT Sport not working with my VPN?

There are a couple of reasons why your current VPN might not be working with BT Sport. But more often than not, we find the reason is related to blacklisted servers. BT Sport not working is easily resolved by picking one of our recommended VPNs.

BT Sport is an English streaming service, so you obviously need to be connected to a UK-based VPN server to access it. But if loads of people are using the same temporary IP address assigned by the same VPN, there’s a bigger chance of BT Sport blocking connections from that service.

Below-average VPNs do a terrible job of replacing their blacklisted servers. Sometimes, BT Sport will identify the VPN server you’re using and block it so it’s unusable. Rubbish VPNs don’t bother offering you a replacement server, which means you’re stuck with a service that can’t unlock games on BT Sport. The best VPNs around will see that one of their servers has been blocked and provide an alternative sooner rather than later.

All of the VPNs we recommend on this page do a fantastic job of replacing servers that have been blacklisted by BT Sport. That means you won’t have to stare at that annoying ‘not available in your country’ message.

The best VPNs for BT Sport in 2021


Watch BT Sport abroad using ExpressVPN
Above: Watch Premier League games outside the UK using ExpressVPN

We can’t get enough of ExpressVPN. For starters, it’s easy to use and does a top-notch job of replacing it’s blacklisted servers. With an ExpressVPN membership, you can unlock BT Sport and follow your favourite team from anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN is a tried and tested service that effortlessly battles against geo-restricted websites to open up the content for everybody. Your IP address will be kept away from prying eyes at all times, so your ISP will have no way of knowing that you’re using a VPN to spoof your location.

This is one of the most popular VPNs around and it’s easy to see why. ExpressVPN is proven to work with BT Sport and provides access to servers in over 90 different countries around the world. Your data isn’t stored by ExpressVPN (it doesn’t need to be) and therefore privacy is 100% guaranteed. Try ExpressVPN today on your smartphone or PC.

  • Keep your information private and secure
  • A VPN that’s compatible with phones, tablets, laptops and routers
  • Built for speed

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Watch BT Sport abroad using Ivacy
Above: Watch Premier League games outside the UK using Ivacy

Ivacy is a real treat if you’re searching for a reliable VPN that can unlock geo-locked websites. It’s fully compatible with BT Sport and helps you stream footy games without having to worry about your ISP keeping tabs on your activity.

Joining Ivacy today with just a single paid-for account means you’ll be protected on up to 5 different gadgets at once. That means you can stream BT Sport games just by connecting to a US-based server.

  • Offers effective malware protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Optimized servers for high-speed streaming

Try Ivacy with our unique discount code (30-day money-back guarantee). For 20% off, use our code: Ivacy20.

For more on Ivacy, you can read our full Ivacy review.


Watch BT Sport abroad using NordVPN
Above: Watch Premier League games outside the UK using NordVPN

NordVPN hosts reliable servers all over the world. A load of them are based in the UK, which means you can use NordVPN to stream BT Sport games abroad without trouble. All of NordVPN’s servers are protected by military-grade encryption, which means you’re free to stream content without your IP address being tracked.

If you run into a problem, you can reach out to a team of NordVPN experts using the 24/7 live chat service.

  • Protect yourself and friends without buying multiple accounts
  • Easy-to-use app – just pick a server and connect
  • Secure your online traffic with leading-edge encryption

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Watch BT Sport abroad using PureVPN
Above: Watch Premier League games outside the UK using PureVPN

Take a trip over to the PureVPN website and learn more if you’re looking to unlock BT Sport. PureVPN effortlessly opens up BT Sport and is also compatible with other popular streaming sites including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

PureVPN boasts around 2,000 secure servers in over 130 countries. Try it for yourself if you’re travelling abroad or living overseas permanently.

  • Instant, unrestricted access to Premier League games
  • Military-grade encryption keeps you anonymous
  • Offers a global network of VPN servers

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Prices listed above correct at time of publication