Swedish Fish in the UK: Where to buy outside the US

You’ll spot Swedish Fish in just about every gas station across the US, but if you’re in the UK you might have trouble tracking them down. Our handy US candy guide explains where to buy Swedish Fish in the UK.

We’ve been busy researching where to buy Swedish Fish so you don’t have to. Loads of Amazon UK sellers are sitting on good stock and we’ve chucked the links into this article to save you some time. See below for a list of common questions on Swedish Fish, or scroll further for our buying links.

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Buy Swedish Fish in the UK: quick guide

Don’t have time to read through our full guide? In that case, use our exclusive links to get Swedish Fish easily if you’re in the UK:

What are Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish are small, chewy candy pieces that are gluten-free and, in some cases (keep scrolling for the details), suitable for vegans. They come in a range of delicious flavours including Piña colada, Tropical Island, Beachy Punch and Passion Fruit.

Can you buy Swedish Fish in the UK?

Yes you can. Some UK supermarkets sell Swedish Fish on their website (Asda is one example), but generally it’s quicker and easier to order Swedish Fish through Amazon UK. You get way more choice in terms of flavours and packet sizes.

Are Swedish Fish vegan?

According to Veg Knowledge, most packets of Swedish Fish are vegan. The website explains: ‘Swedish Fish that come in a peg bag adds Palm Oil and Beeswax to the ingredients compared to regular packaging. Beeswax is typically considered an animal-derived product and is not vegan.

‘However, all of the ingredients in the regular packaged Swedish Fish are vegan-friendly. Therefore Swedish Fish are usually vegan, but check the packaging to make sure Beeswax is not included.’

Where to buy Swedish Fish

If you’re lucky, then you’ll spot some Swedish Fish at your local supermarket in the ‘international’ or ‘US candy’ section. But in our opinion, it’s far easier to grab some packs of Swedish Fish online.

Try visiting these websites if you’re shopping for Swedish Fish in the UK: Amazon, AmericanCandyStores.co.uk (enter Gadgetmouseoffer at checkout for 10% off), eBay, Mental Munchies, Sweet Candy 4 U, The American Candy Store.

Buy Swedish Fish in the UK

Swedish Fish – 87g Box (£3.78)

Swedish Fish - 87g Box

Let’s get you started with something simple – the original Swedish Fish. This 87g box is up for grabs for relatively cheap at the moment, so jump on this deal sooner rather than later if you’re craving a taste of the US.

At the time we’re writing up this article, the Amazon seller is chucking free delivery into the mix. You might want to order a couple of boxes to save yourself from making repeat orders. This mini box is just about the right size for a movie night at home.

Click here to buy Swedish Fish – 87g Box

Swedish Fish Mini – 861g packet (£16.99)

Swedish Fish Mini - 861g packet

There’s something different about this Swedish Fish packet. The name is a dead giveaway – the pieces inside this 861g bag are a little bit smaller than your regular Swedish Fish. That makes them great for snacking on and, as the bag is resealable, you can have a quick munch and then chuck them back in the kitchen cupboard.

Swedish Fish Mini have the same great taste as regular Swedish Fish. You’re paying for a bigger pack of smaller pieces, not smaller pieces with a different flavour.

Click here to buy Swedish Fish Mini – 861g packet

Swedish Fish – 141g packet (£4.99)

Swedish Fish - 141g packet

We’ve chucked this Swedish Fish packet into our article so you have an extra backup option in case the other two sellers above are currently out of stock.

This bag of Swedish Fish weighs in at 141g. According to the label on the back, you get about 4.5 servings per bag.

Click here to buy Swedish Fish – 141g packet

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