The best cheap lighting kits for YouTube

If you’re serious about building a reputation on YouTube, you need to make sure your content is as pleasing on the eye as possible. Professional lighting is key.

You’ll be pleased to hear that professional-looking YouTube lights aren’t particularly expensive. You’re getting great value for money – if your videos look the part, subscribers will keep coming back for more.

Brands that sell YouTube lights over on Amazon include Creatck, Docooler, ESDDI and RaLeno. Our handy guide highlights some popular, cheap YouTube lighting kits for vloggers and gamers.

Where to buy cheap YouTube lights

You can buy cheap YouTube lights from Amazon, Currys, eBay, Wish and Wowcher.

Docooler 6inch Ring Light with Stand (£7.99)

Docooler 6inch Ring Light with Stand

This lighting kit is a nice fit if you don’t want to spend loads of money on your vlogging setup. It’s comprised on a 6-inch ring light on a stand measuring 1.2m tall. You get dimmable brightness settings and an adjustable light colour.

The USB cable provided with this Docooler light is around 2m long and can plug straight into a laptop.

Click here to buy the Docooler 6inch Ring Light with Stand

RALENO LED Video Light (£65.99)

RALENO LED Video Light

This light panel is made up of 192 light beads to ‘provide a bright light and achieve a better shot’. Used correctly, it’ll make your YouTube videos appear softer on the eye and more professional-looking as a result.

An LCD display on the light will tell you the current brightness level, colour temperature and remaining charge in the battery. Brightness and colour temperature range from 3200k to 5600k or, in other words, warm to cold.

Click here to buy the RALENO LED Video Light

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