Revealed: Popular cheap robot vacuum cleaners under £500

Treat yourself to a robot vacuum cleaner and you can tidy your hard floors and carpets without having to drag a heavy corded vacuum around. Our expert advice guide runs through some of the most popular cheap robot vacuum cleaners.

If you’re convinced that you need a robot vacuum leaner in your life, the next step is to decide which model to chuck your hard-earned money at. There are no shortage of robot vacuum cleaners on the market but, while some of them will blast through tough stains without a hitch, others will struggle to navigate tricky house layouts.

Keep scrolling as we look at some of your options when it comes to buying a robot vacuum cleaner. All of the products we’ve listed below are available to order from Amazon UK. Feel free to check in with the customer reviews before you click that ‘buy now’ button.

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Where to buy cheap robot vacuum cleaners

The following online retailers currently have a good stock of cheap robot vacuum cleaners: Amazon UK, Currys, eBay, The Range, Robert Dyas, Appliances Direct, Argos, John Lewis,

Cheap robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon

Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (£159.99)

Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This affordable robot vacuum cleaner promises to lift dust from floors and carpets with ease. It’s built by Bagotte and can easily vacuum, mop and sweep. Note that this cheap robot vacuum cleaner is designed for hard floors and carpet.

Thanks to ‘boost-intellect technology’ the Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner knows when to turn up the power to tackle tough spots in your house. It will automatically switch to max power within seconds, pulling up dirt and hair that’s managed to trap itself in small spots. Multiple sensors on-board help this cheap robot vacuum cleaner navigate from A to B.

You have plenty of modes to try out, including Schedule mode, Spot mode, Edging mode and Single Room mode. The top of this model is made from anti-scratch material and has a pair of bumpers to minimise the damage from knocks against the furniture.

Once the Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has tidied your home, it’ll automatically return to its charging dock.

Click here to buy the Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (£209.99)

eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A super-thin, wifi-enabled robot vacuum cleaner that can leave your floors sparkling. It scores top marks for ease of use, thanks in part to Alexa voice control support and the oh-so-handy EufyHome smartphone app.

To make sure the vacuum doesn’t end up where it isn’t wanted, you can configure approved vacuum zones with 13-inch Boundary Strips. Once in place, the eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner will only visit places you’ve approved.

According to its makers, this robot vacuum cleaner will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when it detects a tricky mark on the floor. You can expect ‘up to 100 minutes of constant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave’. Pretty impressive stuff.

Click here to buy the eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Neato Robotics D701 Intelligent Robot Vacuum (£377.09)

Neato Robotics D701 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

The Neato Robotics D701 Intelligent Robot Vacuum partners up with the free-to-download Neato smartphone app. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, you can remotely schedule cleans and receive useful notifications.

Also in the app, you can lay down ‘no-go lines’ that tell the vacuum to avoid certain areas. You’ll definitely find this a bonus if you fancy protecting that priceless vase of yours on the console table in the hallway.

Neato is confident that this robot vacuum cleaner will easily deal with pet hair, dust and allergens. Thanks to it’s D-shaped body, it can effortlessly work its way around corners and into tight spots.

Click here to buy the Neato Robotics D701 Intelligent Robot Vacuum.

Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner (£148.49)

Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For less than £200, you can get your hands on this robot vacuum cleaner from Robit. It has a powerful motor that helps the brainy gadget pick up dust and hair from carpet and hard floor. The vac measures just over 3 inches in height.

This is another example of a robot vacuum cleaner than runs off a custom schedule. You can choose exactly when you want the vacuum to get to work – it’ll drive itself around the house and return to its charging port without you having to lift a finger.

As it includes an infrared sensor, the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner can intelligently identify and avoid white walls, stairs and other pesky obstacles.

Click here to buy the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1 (£156.41)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1

Take a closer look at this robot vacuum cleaner if you want to keep costs fairly low. It’s available in a black or white finish and has a selection of pre-installed cleaning programs.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1, available via the ‘Venga!’ brand, has a built-in water tank for wet mopping and an ultra-thin design that lets it duck underneath your furniture for a thorough clean.

Click here to buy the Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1.

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