Privacy guaranteed: Cheap webcam covers under £10

With a growing number of us now working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably making more video calls than ever before. To avoid any cringe-inducing accidents, you might want to shop for cheap webcam covers to keep you hidden at appropriate times.

Picture the scene: you’re in a large group video call where you think you have your webcam turned off. But in actual fact, it’s broadcasting live to your colleagues. Cue the laughter as you sit in your pants picking your nose. If only you had a webcam cover!

Below, we round up the key questions associated with webcam covers. You’ll also spot details on where to buy cheap webcam covers in various colours and styles.

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Webcam covers: quick guide

Let’s get straight to the point. If you’re shopping for a webcam cover, you can grab one from Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Why do I need a webcam cover?

Having a webcam cover will give you peace of mind if you’re on a video call that you’re not meant to be visible on. Aside from that, it’s nice to know you can relax in front of your PC without somebody watching you on the other side.

How much does a webcam cover cost?

Don’t worry – you won’t be digging too deep into your wallet. Most webcam covers are available for less than £10 and you often get more than one in a pack.

How to install a webcam cover

Adding a webcam cover to your laptop or tablet is super simple. Most webcam covers come with an adhesive back, so all you have to do is place the cover in the right spot, push down firmly and hold for a couple of seconds.

The adhesive on the webcam cover should be strong enough to keep the product in place for a good while. Try not to fiddle with the placement of the cover too much as doing so can weaken the stickiness.

If you think you’ll need a couple of attempts to get it just right, buy a pack of webcam covers instead of a single unit.

Are webcam covers necessary?

Laptop manufacturers don’t deem them important enough to build into machines out of the box, but these little plastic accessories are definitely becoming more popular.

How to test if a webcam cover is working

The best way to make sure you can’t be seen is to open up your front-facing camera on your smartphone, table or computer.

If all you can see when the camera is ‘on’ is a black void, then congratulations are in order – your webcam cover is doing its job and nobody can see you. You can still be heard, though.

Where to buy cheap webcam covers

You’ll be pleased to hear that shopping for a cheap webcam cover isn’t too tricky. A range of popular online retailers carry healthy stock, including Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

Buy cheap webcam covers

ivoler Webcam Cover Slider, 3-Pack (£3.99)

ivoler Webcam Cover Slider, 3-Pack

For around £4, you can get your hands on a 3-pack of webcam covers from ivoler. Designed to provide you with peace of mind, they’ll cover your webcam lens when it’s not in use.

Described as ‘ultra thin’, ivoler’s webcam covers are made from a premium ABS plastic with smooth edges and a slide-to-close mechanism. There’s a strong adhesive strip on the back of each cover to stop it from wiggling around above your screen.

Click here to buy the ivoler Webcam Cover, 3-Pack

Senhomtog Webcam Cover Pack (£3.39)

Senhomtog Webcam Cover Pack

This affordable webcam cover pack lets you experiment with a black or silver finish. Each piece is just 0.07cm thick, which means you’ll have no trouble closing the lid of your laptop with the stick-on accessory in place.

The brand promises that, even if you decide to temporarily remove the webcam cover, the adhesive on the back of the plastic won’t leave a mark on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Click here to buy the Senhomtog Webcam Cover Pack

Dericam Webcam Cover, 3-Pack (£7.99)

Dericam Webcam Cover, 3-Pack

Instead of adopting the popular slide-to-open mechanism, these webcam covers use a plastic flap to keep you hidden from prying eyes.

These Dericam webcam covers on your laptop won’t interfere with the indicator light and won’t damage your device. These cheap webcam covers are built from a ‘high-grade, durable plastic’ and stay in place with double-sided tape.

Click here to buy the Dericam Webcam Cover, 3-Pack

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