Disney+ not working with VPN: Fix it in 3 steps (2023 guide)

Disney+ is only available in certain countries, so there’s a chance you won’t be able to use it if you’re travelling abroad. But we’ve seen that you can bypass the website’s restrictions and use Disney+ abroad if you have a reliable VPN. So if you already have a VPN and it’s not working, then what’s the problem and how can you fix it? Our handy advice guide explains what to do if your VPN isn’t working with Disney+.

If you’re getting an error message every time you try and access Disney+ overseas, we’ll help you out. Assuming your current VPN isn’t working with the cartoon-streaming service, there’s a high chance that Disney+ has blacklisted the VPN server you’re trying to connect with. That means you won’t be able to use your Disney+ account to stream anything until you’re back in a supported country. Our no-nonsense guide reveals how to solve the problem.

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How to use Disney+ abroad: quick guide

  1. Get ExpressVPN (£5.75+), Ivacy (£0.80+), NordVPN (£2.99+), Atlas VPN (£1.34+) or PureVPN ($2.08+)
  2. Open the VPN and connect to a server based in a country officially supported by Disney+
  3. Sign in to your Disney+ account
  4. Use Disney+ from anywhere in the world

Why is Disney+ not working with my VPN?

If the Disney+ website finds out that you’re trying to access it from an unsupported country, your connection will be blocked without hesitation. A trusted VPN will let you bypass that restriction so you don’t need to worry about getting chucked out.

So let’s say, for example, that your current VPN isn’t working with Disney+ at all. Most likely, that’s because it’s not doing a very good job of hiding your actual location. Some or all of the VPN servers you have available to you through your VPN may be blacklisted by the folk at Disney. If you swap over to a better VPN, you’ll be able to use Disney+ without being interrupted.

How does Disney+ detect my VPN?

Rubbish VPNs don’t do a good job of hiding your location, which means Disney+ will stop you from streaming your favourite TV shows and movies. When the Disney+ website identifies a VPN, it’ll blacklist the temporary IP address provided by your VPN so you can’t continue to use it. The worst VPNs we’ve seen here at GadgetMouse do a poor job of replacing their blacklisted servers, which just ain’t good enough.

However, there’s hope. All of the VPNs we’ve rounded up below are proven to work with Disney+ at the time of writing. Keep scrolling for our top recommendations.

The best VPNs for Disney+ in 2023


Disney+ - ExpressVPN
Above: Watch Loki on Disney+ from anywhere in the world using ExpressVPN

If the VPN you’re using right now isn’t working with Disney+, we suggest you switch over to ExpressVPN. We’ll happily recommend this VPN because it’s easy to use, quick and works great if you’re looking to access Disney+ content from abroad.

ExpressVPN does a fantastic job of replacing its flawed, blacklisted servers. That means that, even if Disney+ decides to disable connections from ExpressVPN, the VPN will have a replacement server up and running sooner rather than later. To access your own account, all you need to do is open up ExpressVPN, connect to a server based in a country that supports Disney+ and go from there.

This VPN keeps your real IP address hidden 24/7, so websites including Disney+ won’t know you’re accessing content from abroad. ExpressVPN members benefit from servers in over 90 countries across the globe.

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    Disney+ - Ivacy
    Above: Watch The Bad Batch on Disney+ from anywhere in the world using Ivacy

    Ivacy is worth a look if you want to enjoy Disney+ shows (side note: we’re obsessed with Loki at the moment) while you’re abroad. This is one of the most popular, affordable VPNs around, thanks in part to its ongoing fight against blacklisted servers.

    This trusted VPN can hide your real location so you can use all of Disney+’s features, even if you’ve roamed outside a supported country. You can use our link below and get instant access to over 1,000 VPNs servers across the world. A single Ivacy membership means you can protect up to 10 gadgets at a time.

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    For more on Ivacy, you can read our full Ivacy review.


    Disney+ - NordVPN
    Above: Watch Snowfall on Disney+ from anywhere in the world using NordVPN

    Here’s another VPN for your shortlist if you want to use Disney+ abroad. NordVPN has servers all over the world and each and every one is protected by military-grade encryption. In other words, they’re extremely secure and you can connect without handing over your personal data to companies that shouldn’t have it.

    If you run into trouble while using NordVPN, you can make use of the live chat feature.

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    Atlas VPN

    Disney+ - Atlas VPN
    Above: Watch Loki on Disney+ from anywhere in the world using Atlas VPN

    Atlas VPN acts as a barrier against online threats while at the same time unlocking geo-restricted content for you. It’s a good choice for buyers on a budget and comes with a built-in tracker blocker that stops ads, suspicious websites and phishing links in their tracks.

    Other useful Atlas VPN features include a shielded connection that leaves ‘no room for unsecured data exchanges’, plus a data breach monitor that lets you know if your personal details have been exposed online. This brilliant service also has a no-logs policy (your activities aren’t tracked) and a network kill switch that halts the service if your connection becomes unstable.

    Atlas VPN offers access to over 750 servers around the world. Clicking the ‘Connect’ button will automatically pick the best server for you according to your distance, download speed and latency. It’s also worth mentioning that Atlas VPN supports unlimited devices and works on both desktop and mobile.

    As an added benefit, members get access to a 24-hour live support service. In other words, if you encounter a technical problem or have any questions, you can reach out to a real person and get the situation sorted.

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    Disney+ - PureVPN

    If your current VPN doesn’t work with Disney+, try this. PureVPN is powerful enough to unlock geo-locked websites so you can enjoy them without a hassle. You’ll be able to log in to your Disney+ account even if you’re not based in Australia.

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    Prices listed above correct at time of publication