Revealed: The best cheap double air beds under £100 for 2023

If you’re having guests staying overnight or you’re simply shopping for an extra, temporary bed, then an air bed could be a fantastic solution. The best air beds we’ve seen are affordable, comfortable and don’t take ages to inflate fully. Our guide uncovers some of the best cheap double air beds around.

Our handy buyer’s guide on air beds recommends a selection of beds for buyers on a budget. In other words, you won’t be spending more than £100 for any of the products we’ve picked out. Keep scrolling for the juicy details.

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Double air beds: quick buying guide

If you don’t have time to browse our full guide, we’ll cut to the chase. Use our exclusive shopping links to explore double air beds sold by Amazon, eBay, Robert Dyas and The Range. Otherwise, you can keep scrolling as we’ve picked out five of our favourites.

Buying double air beds: which features are important?

Inflation time

You don’t want to buy an air bed that takes absolutely ages to blow up, so check to see what the brand’s claim are on inflation time. Some will go from out of the box to fully inflated in less than five minutes, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Puncture resistant

Make sure you’re buying an air bed that’s made of sturdy stuff. This is particularly important if the bed is going to be used regularly, or if you own a kitty that needs its claws trimmed. When shopping for an air bed, pay attention to details on what the bed is made from, and how many layers of protection it offers on the top.

Weight limit

Every air bed will have a claimed weight limit, so make sure you’re not overloading the mattress for safety reasons.

Are double air beds expensive?

Our pricing research suggests that typical spend for a double air bed lands between £50 and £100. If you’re willing to shop through a local auction service (Facebook Marketplace, for example) you could find one for even cheaper. Air beds that cost more than £100 are usually larger, quicker to inflate and more durable than cheaper alternatives.

Where to buy double air beds

Popular online retailers that sell air beds include:

The best cheap double air beds under £100

Benross Avenli 88030 Air bed (£54.95)

Benross Avenli 88030 Air bed
  • Claimed inflation time: 3-4 minutes

This queen size air bed from Benross is a good pick if you’re looking to keep costs low. It has a three-layer design for guaranteed comfort through the night and has a built-in electric pump alongside an air valve for manual inflation. The Benross air bed comes bundled with a handy carry satchel and has a bulged outer frame to prevent users from rolling out of bed overnight.

Click here to buy the Benross Avenli 88030 Air bed, or shop deals on eBay.

iDOO air Bed (£99.99)

iDOO air Bed

Claimed inflation time: 3 minutes

According to its makers, this sizeable air bed only takes around three minutes to inflate fully. It has a built-in pump to inflate and deflate when needed, plus a multi-layer, puncture-resistant topping. The iDOO air Bed has a total of 40 internal coils to keep you feeling comfortable and an anti-slip bottom that’ll keep it in place if you’re using it on a camping trip.

Click here to buy the iDOO air Bed, or shop deals on eBay.

Get Fit Air Bed (£99.99)

Claimed inflation time: 3 minutes

Here’s another air bed under £100 to consider. It’s a king size mattress with 40 structured coils and a built-in electric pump. Plus, as you’ll see from the image above, it also features a headrest for an additional level of comfort. The Get Fit Air Bed has a waterproof coating and comes bundled with a travel bag.

Click here to buy the Get Fit Air Bed, or shop deals on eBay.

OlarHike Queen Air Bed (£89.99)

OlarHike Queen Air Bed

Claimed inflation time: 3-5 minutes

You can use this large air bed while you’re having guests over or on a fancy camping trip. It can inflate in just a couple of minutes via the built-in electric pump and offers varying levels of firmness to suit your needs. A manual air valve is also included if you need to quickly blast a couple of extra pumps of air into the mattress.

Click here to buy the OlarHike Queen Air Bed, or shop deals on eBay.

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed (£77.54)

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed

Claimed inflation time: 3 minutes

Last but certainly not least on our list of air beds is this model from Active Era. It features an integrated pillow, inflates fully in around three minutes and is fitted with 35 structured internal coils to provide full-body support. An extra waterproof layer sits on top of this air bed for added safety.

Click here to buy the Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed, or shop deals on eBay.