Where to buy Chocomel in the UK

Chocomel is a brand of chocolate-flavoured milk coming out of the Netherlands. It’s easy to track down if you’re strolling through a Dutch supermarket, but if you’re in the UK, you may need help finding it. Fear not – we’ll help you track down some Chocomel so you can sit back, relax and slurp.

Our expert guide answers some of your most common questions on Chocomel and reveals where to buy Chocomel in the UK. Keep reading for details on Chocomel’s history and websites that sell Chocomel.

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Buy Chocomel in the UK: quick guide

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What is Chocomel?

This chocolate-flavoured milk drink is produced by Campina in Amersfoort, which is over in the Netherlands. It’s described as having a ‘sweet, creamy cocoa flavour’ and is available in both cans and cartons.

Chocomel has been a favourite among Dutch folk for over 80 years. If you’re shopping here in the UK, you can buy Chocomel in multipacks of various shapes and sizes. This might save you some money in the long term if you’re addicted to Chocomel.

Can you buy Chocomel in the UK?

Yes, you can. Dutch dairy company FrieslandCampina bought Chocomel to select UK stores and supermarkets back in 2019. Nowadays, you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on a can or two if you know where to look. That’s where our handy Chocomel guide comes in!

Is Chocomel vegetarian?

According to SweetPacks.co.uk, Chocomel is indeed suitable for vegetarians. It contains partly-skimmed milk, sugar and cocoa, among other ingredients.

Can you heat Chocomel?

Chocomel can be enjoyed freezing cold or warmed up – the choice is yours! If you fancy a warm drink of Chocomel on a chilly Winter evening, try raising the temperature in your microwave. You can even add a little bit of whipped cream to the top just before you serve it.

Which websites sell Chocomel?

Here’s some good news: As time passes, Chocomel is getting easier to buy here in the UK. In fact, Tesco stocks cans of Chocomel across the country, so keep an eye out next time you’re walking through its drinks isle or the ‘international food and drink’ section.

But we think it’s far easier to order Chocomel online. It saves you having to track down the item in the first place and you can order in bulk if you need to.

Try these websites if you’re shopping for Chocomel: Amazon, AmericanCandyStores.co.uk (enter Gadgetmouseoffer for 10% off), eBay, AmericanFizz.co.uk, Costco, DutchSnacksUK.com, Tesco.

Buy Chocomel in the UK

Chocomel Chocolate Drink – pack of 4 (£7.30)

Buy chocomel in the UK - 4-pack

This Amazon seller is offering a pack of 4 cans of Chocomel for under £10. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you don’t think you’ll be satisfied with just a single can. Also, at the time of writing, free delivery is being chucked in as a bonus.

Each can in this Chocomel multipack is 250ml, which is small enough to chuck into a backpack or a school lunchbox. You can enjoy each can at room temperature or warmed up.

Click here to buy a 4-pack of Chocomel, or search deals on eBay.

Chocomel Chocolate Drink – pack of 6 (£23.99)

Buy chocomel in the UK - 6-pack

If you don’t think 4 cans of Chocomel is enough, size up and get a pack of 6 instead. Amazon UK is offering this multipack as a one-time purchase, or you can choose to subscribe, which means saving ‘up to 15% when you schedule repeat deliveries’.

This Chocomel pack consists of cartons instead of cans. Each one holds 1L of delicious Chocomel and should last you a good amount of time.

Click here to buy a 6-pack of Chocomel, or search deals on eBay.

Chocomel Chocolate Drink – pack of 24 (£28.39)

Buy chocomel in the UK - 24-pack

The ultimate prize for any Chocomel lover. This monstrous multipack comes with 24 cans (yes, 24) of Chocomel, each sized at 250ml. You’ll definitely want to consider investing if you’re trying to buy enough Chocomel for the whole family.

Click here to buy a 24-pack of Chocomel, or search deals on eBay.

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